Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple

The temple of Karnak is located on the eastern bank of the Nile in Luxor. This temple built to worship the famous Pharaonic god ” Amun Ra ” and his wife, the goddess of death, and their son, God Khons, each of which has its own temple.



The Complex, internationally known as the Karnak, is a huge gathering of ruins of temples, chapels, grand columns, and other buildings.

It is located 3 km from Luxor.

Its name in ancient Egypt was ” Ipet-isut ” . the main temple of the goddess Thytha, whose head was in the well-lit city of Taibe.

He takes the current name from the nearby village surrounding it, the village of Karnak.

one of the most important landmarks of Luxor, where every king of successive kings tried to make his temple the most magnificent.

Singularly distinguish him from his predecessor so Karnak Temples turned into a complete guide and a variety showing the stages of development of ancient Egyptian art and pharaonic architecture.

Building Design :

Temple of Karnak is the largest one of worship of the gods and is located on an area of 200 acres.

Besides, it contains many temples, including the Great Temple of ” Amun Ra”, the Temples of ” Ptah”, Menato, Khansu, and Aten, as well as temples of goddesses ” Mut ” and “Tibet “.

Most of these are surrounded by a thick brick wall with eight gates.

There is a road linking the Luxor Temple to Karnak Temple, name: ” El -Kebash road ”

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