12 April ,2018
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Khufu Builder of the Great Pyramid – Egypt


Khufu Builder of the Great Pyramid – Egypt pyramid tours from Sharm el sheikh the Egypt pyramid holiday packages; Ancient authors agreed that the third king of the 4th Dynasty was Suphis, the builder of the Great Pyramid, otherwise known as Cheops (Greek) or Khufu (Egyptian). Khufu composed the Sacred Books, which the Egyptians hold […]

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25 February ,2018
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Pyramids day tour and camel ride in pyramids , private tour

Egypt pyramid, Daily trip Tour include Pyramids and Sphinx, and tour by camel to see Pyramids plateau    Tour Will be as following : Morning meet our tour guide in your hotel Start your full-day tour to visit The great Pyramids of Giza area, The Seven Wonders of the World The Three Pyramids . the Big one […]

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