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Hurghada Egypt 

Hurghada Located on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, is Contains of beautiful coral reefs and turquoise waters ideal for windsurfing, making it a tourist resort.

Hurghada is the best in the world for diving and snorkeling. 

It includes a number of golden islands such as «Giftoun island , Um Qamar, Magawish island , Abu Ramada, Abu Munqar, Fannadir and Shadwan », and also includes the most famous and beautiful resorts in Egypt «El Gouna, Sahl Hashish, Soma Bay, and Makadi Bay».

Hurghada is  450 km from Cairo and 395 km south of  Suez Canal  .

And 230 Km from Luxor city  ( round 4 hours )

It covers a total area of ​​11261 km. It has 40 km of the coastline of the western shore of the Red Sea.

 Bordered to the north by Ras Ghareb and by the south by Safaga city, and inhabited by more than 297 thousand citizens,


Giftun Island 

Nature reserve island 

One of the most important tourist attractions  , natural habitat for the birds of the seagull where 50% of the seagulls are located in the world has been separated by the island of Giftun by cracking into two parts of the island of Great Gifton and the island of Little Giftoun and attract the island Which is the only island that is allowed to descend upon it.

It is characterized by its soft sand and its magnificent diving sites.

It has 14 sites of beautiful diving sites, (  enjoying boat trips as a day trip in Hurghada start from 8 A.M end at 5.00 P.M, tour include Lunch and all equipment, masks …etc ) surrounded of white sand, you can diving or snorkeling in pure water, contain marvel coral reefs 


The Marina of Hurghada 

Very entertainment area integrated with all the comfort and enjoyment where there are many places to find Hurghada luxury hotels, night clubs, discos, shopping, yacht and boats as well as many of the bustling parties enjoy the view of the magical sunset with its red and gold,

Then the most suitable for a tezah amidst many cafes and restaurants offering various types of delicious food and drinks in front of the panoramic views of the yachts that sway in the Red Sea and attract many visitors looking for fun and relaxation.


Hurghada Beaches

The beaches in Hurghada extend along the coast on both sides of the city.

Its beaches are characterized by its white sand and clean water. It is close to many high-end resorts and five-star hotels that help you spend a comfortable and wonderful vacation.

Day in the practice of swimming or snorkeling and enjoy many wonderful sports activities or even take a beach and enjoy a hot sunbathing, and Water Parks 


 Hurghada submarine

Sindbad submarine offers you the pleasure of watching the underwater under 22 meters, where the splendor of the place is decorated with much colorful fish and the most beautiful coral reefs.

If you are looking for these beautiful views, you will find the submarine that is most suitable for you. Wonderful water.


 Hurghada Desert 

Hurghada is an amazing dessert, providing you with excitement, adventure, and pleasure. Do not get too busy with the water and try to visit the desert as it is one of the most popular attractions in Hurghada, where you can enjoy Quad Bike and jeep tours amid sand dunes in remote areas.


Camel riding 

Camel ride in Hurghada , If you want to go for a short walk on the beach or even want to go on a long journey to the desert stretching for two hours you should try camel riding there where a group of Bedouins in the area provides you with much beautiful beauty and take you for a pleasant stroll where you will see the desert landscape of On the high saddle under their guidance amid the atmosphere of authentic Bedouin.


Astronomical Night

One of the fun things that Hurghada is able to do is to make astronomical journeys, where the flights depart from the city after dusk, go to the desert and enjoy a wonderful evening looking at the sky with its bright stars, with a magnificent view of the magical world is one of the best The opportunities you have to take when you are there.


 Badawi Dinner

It is one of the most wonderful things you can do there. When evening comes, Hurghada turns into a magical atmosphere where Bedouin dinners are offered by many resorts to food lovers. This is a great opportunity to try delicious and tasty Egyptian meals or So try to go on tours to the neighboring Bedouin communities and enjoy a dinner Bedouin dinner on its origins not only in eating but also in the complete place where the traditional Bedouin tents and home food appetite and dance beautiful Bedouin and traditional music.


Hurghada Diving

Abu-Nahas diving site:

located on 65 km southeast of Hurghada

A diving site is directly from the island of Shidwan and is a great opportunity to discover the wreckage of seven ships under the water.

the most famous of which is the shipwreck of Karnatic Ship of the United Kingdom sinking in 1869 and is still so unbelievably and good structures,

And the ship Kimon M sank in 1978, the Olden ship sank in 1987 and Chrisola was sunk in 1981 by Giannis de Gerget in 1983,  where coral reefs are the cause of their sinking.

They cause a risk to marine life there because of copper It is that the ship that sank was copper and considered the wreckage of the most popular dive sites in Hurghada.


Gota Abu Ramada

Also known as the Aquarium is a diving site that contains a huge amount of marine life and is one of the most popular dive sites near Hurghada and is used as a training site for Beginners divers, which contains much colorful fish and attracts many tourists.


Grand Aquarium Museum 


It is the largest water museum in the Middle East and North Africa and the seventh global The place is a great opportunity to learn about the sea life of the Red sea.

where there are more than 22 water basins of the world’s largest aquarium size of the display of live fish and there is a 24-meter glass tunnel given to the visitor The natural simulation of marine life by wading through the water. 


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