About Egypt

About Egypt

Top Destination in Egypt – Best places in Egypt

Egypt has 7 Top destinations as follows:
Cairo: Major sights like Egyptian museum, Islamic sights like Citadel of Saladin, Sultan Hassan mosque, khan El Khalili & Coptic Cairo and have a lot of museums.
Giza: Have the Great pyramids & Sphinx, Saqqara Pyramid, Memphis, Dahshur Pyramids like Red Piramid and Bet pyramid.
Alexandria: is the second biggest city in Egypt will visit: Library of Alexandria, Citadel of Qaitbay, Catacomb of Kom el Shokafa, El Montaza Park, Pompey’s Pillar.

Luxor: Luxor has a third of the world’s monuments, Have East & West Bank of the River Nile

East Bank: Karnak Temple & Luxor Temple.

West Bank: Valley of the Kings & Valley of the Queens, Hatshepsut Temple.

Aswan: In upper Egypt, The Temple of Philae, The Unfinished Obelisk, The High Dam, Elephantine Island, Kalabsha Temple, Abu Simbel

Hurghada : 

Siwa Oasis :


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